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A Summary of Our Services

Whether infected with viruses, unhappy with your system's performance, need a network installed, or just want to learn more about your computer and how to use it more effectively, GCRN is prepared to offer you prompt, expert service, right in your own home or office!

When it comes to Business IT needs, we understand time is money and you need solutions fast! Whether you're experiencing loss of internet, network connectivity issues, need your office set up, or would like a custom software application written, GCRN can deliver the support your business demands!

On-Site/In-Home Repairs & Service - We offer the convenient service of coming to you when you need us. With our flexible hours and appointments we'll make time to fit your schedule. We even offer same day service!

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Our Services

Virus and Spyware Removal

If your system has become infected with malicious software, it's extremely important to seek expert help as soon as possible. Once infected, not only are your files at risk, but also your personal and financial information. Many viruses mask their true identity by mimicing other well known applications, such as Anti-Virus programs. Many fall victim to purchasing these rogue programs, only to have their credit card information stolen.

Today, many viruses and other malicious software prove almost impossible to remove on your own. They can adapt quickly, make themsevles undetectable to the average Anti-Virus programs, or even shutdown your computer to prevent you from trying to remove them. Here at Giordano's Computer Repair & Networking we have a wide range of professional tools and the experience to completely exterminate these bugs from your system and help prevent re-infection.


Do you have multiple computers you would like networked? Do have a printer in one area you would like all your computers to be able to print to? A network allows you to share things like pictures, video, and printers between multiple computers. This can all be done wireless too, alleviating the need to run wires.

Being able to interact with other computers and devices within your home can help enrich the enjoyment you receive from using such devices. Today, many mobile devices as well as electronic devices such as an iPad or iPod greatly benefit from having a wireless connection/network. Not only can we set up a network for you, but we can also help you maintain your network, add devices, make your network secure, or diagnose and correct any issues you may have with an existing network.

Hardware & Software Repairs

Has your computer stopped turning on? Maybe you no longer have sound? Perhaps a program you often use has stopped working. Whatever the issue is, whether hardware or software related, we will promptly diagnose the cause and recommend a solution.

Custom Built Computers

We build custom computers based on your needs and your budget. If you already know what you are looking for, just let us know and we will build it. If you aren't sure, let us offer advice. We'll ask you some simple questions like "What do you plan on using the computer for?" Armed with your answers, we can help save you money by putting together a system built just for you!

Computer Upgrades

Sometimes, a new computer just doesn't fit the budget, or simply isn't needed. Add some new life to your current PC! Maybe you need extra space to store your files, or perhaps you could use a boost in memory. We will carefully review your computer and recommend what components should be upgraded.

Web Design & Development

Are you in need of a website? Not sure where to get started? Do you have an existing website and need changes or enhancements added? Our expert programmers are versed in several different programming languages. We can help you build a new site, or simply help you maintain your current site.

Software Development

Does part of your business involve performing a daily routine that could be automated via a software application? Perhaps you are looking for software to perform a specific task but haven't found what you need in standard software solutions. This is where custom software development comes in. We can create an application perfectly suited to your business needs, thus increasing your efficiency while reducing overhead.

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